2014 Winners & Placings

Yet another great day at the King of the Mountain Festival for 2014, congratulations to everyone who participated.

Here are the race results:

Zinc Mountain Dash

Roger Grevis-Jones (overall winner)
12-14 Boys
1st Alex Lucht
2nd Sean Toms
3rd Dylan Cross

12-14 Girls
1st Jayme Hope-O’Connor
2nd Jaime Caskey
3rd Isabella Paterson

15-16 Boys
1st Lachlan Grice
2nd Lachlan Manders

15-16 Girls
1st Ellie Jones

17-19 Boys
1st Johnny Gavin
2nd Troy Pannam
3rd Jack Sengelman

20 & Over Boys
1st Roger Grevis-Jones
2nd Tristan Lane
3rd Warwick Lucht

20 & Over Girls
1st Sarah Mycroft
2nd Simone Hanson
3rd Melissa Hoger

Canesaid School Relays

Sunshine Beach State School – Girls
St Andrew’s Anglican College – Boys

E Fitness Pram Push

1st – Roger Grevis-James ((Hannah)
2nd – Kellie Chapman (Matilda)
3rd – Izanami Murphy

Bendigo Bank International Mountain Challenge

1st Ben Duffus – 23.47
2nd Lance Downie 26.16
3rd Aaron Knight 26.26

1st Kim Beckinsale 31.11
2nd Leslie Saunders 31.39
3rd Shona Stephenson 33.37

Ann Daly Trophy for the most gallant effort – Allan Davies

Stan Topper Trophy for sportsmanship – Danuza & Dan Rogers (husband/wife)

Bruce Samuels Trophy – Dedication & Persistent Lesley Saunders

Col Jackson Trophy – Oldest Runner – Dennis Jackson

Click here to view the Mountain Challenge results & times

Raine & Horne Tug O War

Pomona State School (for the 10th year in a row!!!)

Raine & Horne Corporate Tug O War

Pomona Auxiliary Fire Station

Nestle 3km Family Fun Run

Bodhi Minahan overall winner

Under 8 Boys
1st Ari Wedlock
2nd Cool Melvile
3rd Rio Withyman

Under 8 Girls
1st Eden McGarvey & Chanel Thompson
2nd Willow Baker
3rd Hayley Upton

8-12 Boys
1st Bodhi Minahan
2nd Sean Toms
3rd Lachlan Nelson

8-12 Girls
1st Jessie Thompson
2nd Jessie Lloyd-Stewart
3rs Ameika Minahan

13-16 Boys
1st Lachlan Manders
2nd Scott Bailey
3rd Josh Taylor

13-16 Girls
1st Ellie Jones
2nd Jade Clarke
3rd Danielle Sealy

17+ Boy
1st Alex Watson
2nd Kelly Minahan
3rd Michael Taylor

17 + Girl
1st Jacqueline Taylor
2nd Geraldine Pettit
3rd Susan Lloyd