Mountain Circuit Questions

Where can I spectate during the race?

There are several options for spectators to see runners competing in the Bendigo Bank Mountain Challenge - Mountain circuit. Anywhere from the start/finish line and up to the area where the course dips down onto the trail just past the Lions den is the place that sees the most spectators. As a spectator you will see runners looking their best and [...]

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Is Mt Cooroora closed during the race?

Yes. The mountain is closed from near the tourist carpark. This closure is from 12:00pm (Noon) until 4:00pm. Any person not involved in an official way with the race will be required to vacate the mountain between these times.

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Is there a cutoff time for the race?

All competitors are required to complete the course in around 60 minutes or less. Should a competitor be unable to complete the course within this time frame there is no guarantee that their finishing time will be recorded or that presentations won't have already started.

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Did Midnight Oil write the King of the Mountain song about this race?

"King of the Mountain was inspired by the footrace up Mt Cooroora in SE Qld, and the incredible natural beauty and unique history of the Noosa hinterland; it is not a reference to motor racing at Mt. Panorama in Bathurst. Best wishes.” - Rob Hirst (on behalf of Midnight Oil)

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Should I try the mountain before race day?

This race attracts a range of runners from novice to elite. All reasonable skill levels are encouraged and ALL participants MUST be able to complete the course in around 60 minutes or less so we strongly recommend that if you are interested in this race that you seek clearance from a trained medical professional and follow guidance provided by the Queensland [...]

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What are the prizes and awards for the Bendigo Bank Mountain Challenge - Mountain circuit?

Participation Medal for all finishing entrants. Ann Daly Trophy for the most gallant effort. Stan Topper Trophy for sportsmanship. Bruce Samuels Trophy for dedication and perseverance. Col Jackson Trophy for fastest oldest competitor +65 based on a formula which uses age and race time. Finish time minus 30 sec for each year over 65. Sub 40 Certificate for all runners completing [...]

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