Achieving a sub 30 time on Mt Cooroora is no easy feat. There have been countless runners aim for this lofty achievement but a relative few each year beat the clock and join the Sub 30 Club. Do you have what it takes to beat the clock? We hope so.


Will your name be here? 🙂


8 runners - Ben Duffus, Mark Bourne, Daniel Jones, Ryan Crawford, Dennis De Monchy, Boaz Clark, Nick Scott and Joe Stephens


12 runners - Mark Bourne, Ben Duffus, Daniel Jones, Ruby Muir, Dennis de Monchy, Reagan Wilson, Ashild Hrige, Martin Saldais, Lachlan Challis, Trevor Allen, Amos Saraber and Howard McCann


11 runners - Mark Bourne, Shay Williamson, Ruaridh Mon Williams, Chris Morrisey, Darryl Taylor, Reagan Wilson, Neil Labinsky, Mathew Mooney, Lachlan Challis, Ben Malby and Bryce Hegarty


9 runners - Hayden Wilde, Shay Williamson, Bryce Hegarty, Neil Labinsky, Darryl Taylor, Kaya Corporaal, Ben Malby, Lachlan Challis and Reagan Wilson


10 runners - Ben Duffus, Lance Downie, Aaron Knight, Sam Maffett, Sjors Corporaal, Glen Tarboten, Bryce Hegarty, Lachlan Challis, Craig Budden and Scott Weir


10 runners - Ben Duffus, Chris Morrissey, Neil Labinsky, Bryce Hegarty, Glen Tarboten, Philip Saldais, Andrew Town, Bart Schneeman, Helen Roundtree and Kim Beckinsale


9 runners - Neil Labinsky, Sjors Corporaal, Shay Williamson, Andrew Town, Bryce Hegarty, Philip Saldais, Colin Earwalker, Bart Scheenmann and Graham Barralet


9 runners - Neil Labinsky, Shay Williamson, Sam Clark, Sjors Corporaal, Colin Earwalker, Philip Saldais, Nick Baker, Christian Penny and Nick Spence


13 runners - Neil Labinsky, Chris Morrissey, Shay Williamson, Brendan Fenwick, Philip Saladis, Colin Earwalker, Nick Spence, Jay Patterson, Andrew Town, Maree Stephenson, Chad Stevens, Gary Schwass and Rob Simmons


12 runners - Neil Labinsky, Sjors Corporaal, Daniel Jones, Barry Prosser, Mathew Kaluder, Hubertein Wichers, Meagan Edhouse, Kim Beckinsale, Colin Earwalker, Oksana Isavina, Brendan Fenwick and Garry Cracknell


15 runners - Neil Labinsky, Daniel Jones, Sjors Corporaal, Brenden Fenwick, Andrew Town, Nick Spence, Graham Barralet, Philip Saldais, Bill Tovey, Jim Brown, Jason Nicholson, Justin Schafer, Dave Coombs and Martin Richards


18 runners - Neil Labinsky, Chris Morrissey, Daniel Jones, Stephen Page, Dan O'Rourke, Ben Johnson, Brenden Fenwick, Philip Saldais, Graham Barralet, Justin Schafer, Grant Gilbert, Jason Nicholson, David Reid, Gary Schwass, Darren Fuller, Jim Brown, Aldo Hangerveld and Jack Lashbrook


13 runners - Neil Labinsky, Chris Morrissey, Daniel Jones, Benjamin Johnston, Mathew Kaluder, Graham Barralet, Dan O’Rouke, Brendan Fenwick, Grant Gilbert, Philip Saldais, Andrew Town, Chad Stevens and Gary Schwass


12 runners - Chris Morrissey, Tony Smith, Daniel Jones, Ben Johnson, Graham Barralet, Aaron Murrihy, Mathew Kaluder, Neil Jones, Brendan Fenwick, Gary Schwass, Philip Robinson and Mark Brennan


10 Runners - Michael Wakelinn, Neil Labinsky, Ben Holland, Tony Smith, Allen Bertelsen, Morgan Rae, Andrew Town, Philip Robinson and Martin Schot

Pre 2004 times were not captured in full detail so Sub 30 times are not able to be determined accurately.